From the Brink of Death to Witnessing Almighty Allah and Being Granted a New Life – Part 2

From the Brink of Death to Witnessing Almighty Allah and Being Granted a New Life – Part 2

April 23, 2020 corona

By Ibrahim Ikhlaf (life devotee of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community)

 A Dangerous Incident

On Monday the nurses reported that I, while in the ICU, removed unconsciously the tube which went all the way through the windpipe. They stated that two nurses tried to stop me but I was too strong.

This dangerous act hurt my throat extremely and I am grateful to Allah that I did not damage my windpipe and throat. I had to suffer pain in my throat for at least three weeks and I am Alhamdulillah gradually recovering from it, although some pain still lingers.

As mentioned in the previous part of this article, Huzoor (may Allah strengthen his hand) repeatedly told Farooq Aftab sahib to bring me some homeopathic medicines and that it should reach me even if a few drops had to be put in my mouth.

However, despite much effort, it appeared to be an impossible task as many procedures were involved in this matter. But finally by Allah the Almighty’s Grace the consultant agreed and requested for a family member’s permission, in this case my wife Reem, on which she of course agreed and told the consultant that Ibrahim himself will be so happy to have this homeopathic medicine.

On Monday afternoon around 3:45PM, Dr Tahir Nasser delivered the homeopathic medicine and one of the senior nurses who saw the happiness on my face asked me what I had. I responded that this is a homeopathic medicine.

Strange enough, she became upset, her face changed and she turned away from me.

I did not really like that and thought:

“People are so strange; if they are unable to prove Allah’s existence then they deny Him and when they are unable to prove the benefits of homeopathy then they deny it.”  

Insha’Allah this story will show that homeopathy is an extremely effective medicine.

In order to please my most beloved Khalifa (may Allah strengthen his hand) and make him happy, while in a very weak state, I called Farooq Aftab sahib using a video call and showed him that I had received the homeopathic medicine and took them in front of him and in front of the nurse.

The Miraculous Move to Islamabad

My dearest brothers and sisters, reflect and reflect again; during those days some thoughts ran through my mind:

“Who informed Huzoor to move from London to Islamabad; just imagine how extremely difficult it would have been during this pandemic if the move had not taken place!”

London has become a “hotbed” for the coronavirus; academics have put London as the most ‘at risk’ of coronavirus compared to any other major European city.

How difficult would it have been for Huzoor and his staff to perform all the Jamaat work in London in such a small, confined and narrow space without having immediate open spaces or parks, which are nowadays very unsafe and risky in London as it’s so difficult to keep at a distance from people among many other reasons!

Is it not  a miracle that the move took place at the right moment and the right place?

 Nobody knew how future events were to unfold; had anybody at that time predicted coronavirus? We can just say: Subhan’Allah how the Khalifa of the time is guided by Allah in every step he takes for the benefit of the Divine Jama’at.

A Christian Nurse

After this I had been moved to another ward, where I had to stay the whole night. There I became much more conscious and it was difficult for me to move physically as I discovered that the nurses had put four lines on my body to extract blood.

Two lines connected to each of my wrists, one to my arm and one to my neck. In the late evening, a young nurse came as usual to give me some medicine and she seemed to be very moral and dignified.

I was extremely exhausted and she asked me: “What can I do for you?”

I said spontaneously: “Pray for me”.

She responded: “I will, I promise!”

She then went and before opening the door I called her and said:

“You want to pray for me; can I ask you something: are you Christian or an atheist?”

She responded:

“I am a Christian and very strong in my faith. I grew up in a Christian home.”

I felt that strength returned to my weak body as I was about to defend the honour of my God, Who is One and has no partner.

I told her:

“I want you to know that I am a Muslim. You as a Christian believe in God, the Father; Jesus the son and the Holy Spirit. We as Muslims also believe in God, the Father, who we call Allah, one and the same God. We believe that Jesusas was a great Prophet and a great Messiah,  but he was just a human being and metaphorically a son, while the Holy Spirit is the Holy Spirit. You see this is the reality of the Trinity, which has been misunderstood. Therefore, if you want to pray for me then pray to God, the Father and please do not pray for me to Jesus, as we respect him immensely, but he was just a human being and a Prophet of God. If you pray to God, the Father, then you will see that your prayers will be accepted and I will pray for you.”

She looked at me in an extremely emotional way as if about to cry and said:

“This is the first time I have come to know about Islam. I never knew this. And how did you know that I have faith?”

She controlled her emotions and went!

It was a strange occasion and I was not even aware of my wife’s dream in which she saw that a Christian nurse named Noora was taking care of me in the hospital with compassion and love. At the same time, she tried to convert me.

By Allah the Almighty’s Grace I remained in intensive care for just 4 days, which in itself is a great miracle. Then they took me to another ward, which was terrible and terrifying.

We had to wear masks and this was so difficult as I was still breathing heavily and I felt suffocated. A Chinese man in the same ward had COVID-19, then there was a poor old man who could not go to the bathroom and no nurse could help him as it was extremely hectic. Then there was a woman who was constantly crying as she was suffering from the virus. At that moment I was praying to be released from the hospital as the scene was terrifying.

By Allah’s Grace, the homeopathic medicine which Huzoor prescribed was having such an impact on me that I was recovering rapidly.

On Wednesday, the doctor told me how impressive and amazing it was the way I was recovering. In fact, they were always reporting to my wife, Farooq sahib or Tahir sahib that my condition was very good and that being on a single organ ventilator was in itself reassuring.

Although my eyesight was very weak and I was suffering from dizziness, the doctor released me from the hospital.

May Allah the Almighty keep all the health professionals under His care as they serve humanity tirelessly day and night.

My Return Home

I was shocked that when I arrived home my wife was in a terrible state.

But Hazrat Khalifatul-Masih V (may Allah strengthen his hand), as our father, who took care of us from the beginning as the Holy Prophetsa took care of Hazrat Salman Al-Farisira, who became part of the Holy Prophet’s household, now took even more care of us than ever.

Subhan’Allah, I always felt that Huzoor treats me as his son. In every step of my life Huzoor has always been very loving and kind to me and when needed he would point out some matters and train me with regard to all aspects of religion, life, work and history etc.

I am hugely indebted to Huzoor as he is the Teacher who reformed me and enhanced my spiritual knowledge and faculties.

Indeed Huzoor took our case completely into his own hands.

Hazrat Khalifatul-Masih V (may Allah strengthen his hand) even inquired about the food which was arranged for us and said:

“Don’t give them pasta; give them meat.” 

Huzoor is very well aware of Arab food and culture.

In this case Huzoor (may Allah strengthen his hand) appointed respected brother Abdul Quddus Arif sahib, Sadr Majlis Khuddamul-Ahmadiyya UK to arrange lunch for us on a daily basis.

Huzoor also told him to prepare meat broth every day for us which was extremely helpful by Grace of Allah. Thus, Sadr Sahib’s respected wife was regularly preparing the lunch. May Allah bless them and their progeny.

Huzoor also informed us to take the drink which was prescribed by Hazrat Muslih Maud (may Allah be pleased with him) during the Spanish flu.

Meanwhile, through the Private Secretary’s office, Hazrat Khalifatul-Masih V (may Allah strengthen his hand) also prescribed another special remedial drink for coughs consisting of cinnamon, black pepper, fennel, ginger and honey.

“The likeness of believers in their affection, mercy, and compassion for each other is that of a body. When any limb aches, the whole body reacts with sleeplessness and fever.  [Saḥīḥul-Bukhārī, Kitābul-’Adab, Bāb Raḥmatin-Nās wal-Bahā’im, number 5665]

My wife’s non-Ahmadi siblings were worried about my wife and the kids with regard to food and drink. She told them: 

“Don’t worry; this is Allah’s Jamaat and all the believers are brothers and sisters. The Jama’at members are taking care of all our needs.”

In fact, the dinner was arranged by Lajna Ima’illah in Aldershot under the supervision of respected local Sadr Lajna and respected Dr Fariha Khan sahiba, the National Sadr Lajna UK. In addition, some of our brothers and sisters were sending food and other items without being asked by Jamaat officials.

The Amir Jamaat UK, respected Rafiq Ahmad Hayat sahib, was also following up on our condition. He spoke to me twice while in the hospital and was frequently contacting my wife and praying for us. He was extremely concerned about our health and through Sadr Aldershot, Khalid Bhatti sahib, who was providing everything we needed, and the Regional Amir Islamabad, Ata-ul Quddus sahib, respected Amir sahib was updated all the time.

All of them deserve our prayers and we will always be indebted to them. We kept praying for them with the following supplication of the Holy Prophetsa:

“O Allah feed the ones who have fed us and give them to drink who have given us to drink. O Allah, Grant them blessings in their sustenance, forgive them and have mercy on them.” 

We have to bear in mind that Allah’s Jamaat consists of real brotherhood as mentioned in the Holy Quran. The Jamaat members are like the limbs of the body – indeed the believers are one body in their mutual love, compassion and mercy. This love is because of Khilafat, which is the soul. Indeed without the soul we just end up with a lifeless body.

Where in the world is there anything like it outside of our blessed community? This very fact was a great lesson for our own kids as they saw in practice the importance of the Jamaat and of having an Imam.

A Crucial Moment

However, in the evening after Isha Namaz while in bed at home, because of all the medicines I was taking and from extreme exhaustion, my heart started to weaken. I felt such a pain that I couldn’t talk and feared the worst. I called Sadr Khuddamul-Ahmadiyya UK who then rushed to our Master and Guide, Hazrat Khalifatul-Masih V (may Allah strengthen his hand).

Huzoor prescribed a homeopathic medicine; I took the medicine and by Allah’s Grace I immediately and miraculously recovered, SubhanAllah.

Indeed, there is no life without Khilafat, as prophesied by the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him).

How unfortunate are those who reject Khilafat. How unfortunate are those who pay no heed to the instructions of the Khalifa (may Allah strengthen his hand) of the time.

How beautiful is this Divine Jama’at – planted by Allah Himself. Through Khilafat, Allah has united the Ahmadis’ hearts with such a Love that they became one body.

Unfortunately there were some defectors who wanted me to leave this world and were rejoicing on social media. However, they forgot that my life is in the Hands of Allah, the Almighty, Who created the Heavens and Earth,

We are so fortunate to have accepted the Promised Messiah (peace be upon him) and his Khalifa (may Allah strengthen his hand).

The rest of the world has no choice but to accept or fly into a rage.

Indeed, we are so grateful to all our Ahmadi brothers and sisters all over the world and to all members of the Promised Messiah’s (peace be upon him) family who were constantly praying for us.

Finally, as I mentioned initially, all the prayers have been heard by Allah the Almighty because of the fervent prayers of Hazrat Khalifatul-Masih V (may Allah strengthen his hand) which have been accepted by Allah the Almighty.

Hazrat Khalifatul-Masih V (may Allah strengthen his hand) not only prayed for us, but also offered Sadqa.

An Extremely Emotional and Overwhelming Moment

Finally, as I mentioned initially, all the prayers have been heard by Allah the Almighty because of the fervent prayers of Hazrat Khalifatul-Masih V (may Allah strengthen his hand) which have been accepted by Allah the Almighty.

Subhan’Allah, Allah’s favours did not cease as He showered such blessings on us which we could never imagine.

Tuesday 7th April 2020 is a day which will always be remembered in our lives and never forgotten.

Whenever we remember this day, we prostrate in gratitude to Allah, Lord of the Heavens and Earth.

Around 12pm respected Munir Javed sahib, Private Secretary of Hazrat Khalifatul-Masih V (may Allah strengthen his hand) called my wife.

Respected Munir Javed sahib enquired about our health and my wife was extremely happy that the Private Secretary of Hazrat Khalifatul-Masih V (may Allah strengthen his hand) himself had called.

However, we never imagined what would follow; something so great that in reality cannot be fully described in words.

Respected Munir Javed sahib said:

“Huzoor wants to speak to you”.

Reem jumped out of her place very emotionally and told me:

“Huzoor (may Allah strengthen his hand) wants to talk to us.”

Suddenly, Reem heard Huzoor Aqdas (may Allah strengthen his hand)’s voice saying: 

“Assalaamu Alaikum”.

Reem burst into uncontrollable tears. Huzoor (may Allah strengthen his hand) then said that he had read Reem’s article and thought to call her.

Reem expressed her immense gratitude to Huzoor Aqdas (may Allah strengthen his hand) and said:

“Without Huzoor’s prayers we would not have survived.”

And Huzoor responded in the most humble way and said:

“I am not the one only one who prayed. Your friends and thousands of Ahmadis around the world also prayed for you. I prayed fervently for you and paid Sadaqa. Allah knows best. I hope that Allah has accepted this.”

Huzoor then inquired about the health of Reem, the kids and myself and asked whether Ibrahim is able to speak. She responded that Ibrahim is Alhamdulillaah strong enough to speak now.

Then Huzoor, who always jokes with me, said:

“Maulvi sahib, how are you? Now, you have become a real Maulvi as you saw Allah the Almighty. Now you have seen Allah, you have to narrate your experience to others.”

Huzoor then enquired about my health and the health of my children.

Huzoor then told me:

“You see, all the instructions of the Khalifa should be followed; I told you and also during the Friday sermon that you should sleep enough. If you sleep 6 hours you will work even harder than you did before.”

Then Huzoor asked me whether I lost weight because of the illness. I responded:

“Yes, Huzoor.”

Thereafter Huzoor, as a compassionate father, said that I should lose weight, have cereal at breakfast, a light lunch and dinner should be the main meal, provided it is taken two to three hours before sleep at the latest.

Huzoor advised:

Exercise, go on runs and jump.” Huzoor then jokingly said: “Don’t let your belly inflate like a ball.”

I had to laugh, Huzoor was laughing too.

Huzoor then spoke about the pandemic and said that he had clarified the matter through the Friday sermon and Al-Hakam. I replied that some defectors were happy for me to go to the Hereafter.

Huzoor responded:

“When a believer dies of a pandemic he will be a Shaheed.”

I then stated:

“Huzoor, when you delivered the Friday sermon, although we knew that only the Mu’azzin was there, it seemed, when looking at Huzoor, as if the mosque was full of worshippers”.  

Huzoor responded: 

The reason for this is that when the Khalifa is delivering the Friday sermon he talks to the whole world, he speaks to all Jama’at members in the world as if they are in front of him.”

Huzoor additionally advised to continue taking the herbal tea prescribed by Hazrat Muslih Maud during the Spanish flu and enquired whether we still had the homeopathic medicine.

I said:

“One of the medicines is almost finished”.

Huzoor said:

Whenever your medicine is finished, you should contact Sadr Khuddamul-Ahmadiyya and he will provide you with a new one when needed.”

However, we were surprised that the medicine was sent to us shortly after the call. We had not yet even approached Sadr Khuddamul-Ahmadiyya. It appears that Huzoor himself arranged everything, which made us so emotional and overwhelmed with tears.

Indeed, we are extremely indebted to our Beloved Imam (may Allah strengthen his hand). We have no words to fully describe our gratitude to Allah the Almighty and His Khalifa (may Allah strengthen his hand).

It is worth mentioning that during my stay in hospital, Hazrat Begum sahiba called Reem to comfort her and say that she was constantly praying for Ibrahim in the following words: “O, Allah the Almighty, show us a miracle”.

This comforted my wife immensely and boosted her with great hope. I was deeply moved and overwhelmed with emotions when my wife told me this story after being discharged from the hospital.

A final thought

O those who reject, I did not accept Ahmadiyyat blindly;

Before taking the pledge of allegiance, I studied religion my whole life, day and night from the perspective of Sunni Muslims, Shia, Sufis, orientalists, Christians and so many other individuals, groups and sects;

The Truth is experienced in so many ways;

There are many secrets which we cannot fathom when imprisoned by our own intellect!

Be humble and look around you.

Perhaps the Prophet of the latter days has been raised and his Khalifa who is the heir to his throne is already here!

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From the Brink of Death to Witnessing Almighty Allah and Being Granted a New Life - Part 2