3 Ahmadi Muslims – including 8 Month old Baby and 7 year old Girl – killed in Pakistan by Hate filled extremist Mob

3 Ahmadi Muslims – including 8 Month old Baby and 7 year old Girl – killed in Pakistan by Hate filled extremist Mob

July 28, 2014 Press Releases

Another Attack on Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan

8 houses burned – victims left to die – police stand by

Pregnant woman loses her child

Attack takes place in Kachi-Pump in Gujranwala

It is with great regret and devastation that the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community confirms that 3 of its members, including a 7 year old child and an 8 month old infant, have been murdered by local extremists in the area of Kachi-Pump in Gujranwala, Pakistan in a sectarian attack. They were martyred for the sole reason that they were Ahmadi Muslims, whilst local police stood by and watched the massacre.

The deceased are Mrs Bushra Bibi, (exact age not yet known – in her 50s), and her two granddaughters, Hira aged 7 and Kainaat aged 8 months.

Further, Mrs Mubashara Bibi, who was 7 months pregnant, suffered a miscarriage. 8 other women and children are being treated for burns.


  • At 8pm local time on 27 July 2014, anti-Ahmadi extremists gathered for a pre-planned ‘protest’ at Kachi-Pump in Gujranwala at a place where more than 15 Ahmadi Muslim families lived close to each other.
  • The extremists gathered on the pretext that an Ahmadi youth had defaced a picture of the Khana Ka’bah (the Sacred Mosque) on Facebook. This allegation is completely false.
  • Soon the ‘protest’ turned into a violent and murderous attack where the homes of Ahmadi Muslims were burnt, ransacked and looted.
  • In total 8 homes belonging to Ahmadi Muslims were burnt by anti-Ahmadi extremists.
  • When the protest commenced 2 police vehicles were present but the on-duty police merely watched as the violence commenced.
  • The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community immediately responded and sought to evacuate the houses. However, due to the extent of the flames they were unable to evacuate one home in time and so 3 Ahmadi Muslims, Bushra Bibi, wife of Munir Ahmad and her 2 granddaughters Hira and Kainaat, daughters of Muhammad Buta, were left trapped and died of smoke inhalation and consequent suffocation.
  • An Ahmadi Muslim lady, Mrs Mubashara Bibi, who was 7 months pregnant, suffered a miscarriage.
  • 8 other Ahmadi Muslim women and children suffered injuries and are being treated for burns at a local hospital.
  • The anti-Ahmadi extremists subsequently obstructed members of the fire brigade, who were forced to retreat before being able to extinguish the flames.
  • Similarly, ambulances at the scene were pelted with stones.
  • Later, more police officers attended the scene but took no immediate action whilst Ahmadi homes continued to be looted.

Following the attack, the Press Secretary of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Abid Khan said:

“Ahmadi Muslims across the world have been left shocked and utterly grieved by this horrific and devastating attack in Pakistan.

It is impossible to comprehend the levels of hatred and wickedness that could motivate anyone towards such merciless brutality.

An 8 month old baby girl and her 7 year old sister have been killed along with their grandmother. A pregnant woman has lost her child. A number of others have been seriously injured and all of this simply because they were peaceful and law-abiding Ahmadi Muslims.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community will not ever take to the streets or respond with aggression. We respond only by bowing down before God Almighty, seeking His protection and help and affirming the Quranic injunction that ‘Surely, to Allah we belong and to Him shall we return’.

It is hoped that the international community and media takes full and proper notice of these brutal and senseless murders. If such hatred and sectarianism is allowed to continue then it is inevitable that further tragedies will occur.”

May God grant elevate the status of the martyrs and grant patience to their loved ones.

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